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Today's market of software products and applications is enormous. It includes several large sectors: systems infrastructure software development, application development and deployment, and application installation and integration. In addition, each of these sectors comprises various areas of activity.

Yumasoft, a leader in custom software development, successfully diversifies its field of activities and is ready to handle complex projects in any of the software development sectors mentioned above.

In addition to custom outsourcing software development, we also offer our clients:

  • Re-engineering of existing applications and systems
  • Development of new versions of existing software
  • Development, internationalization, and support of "hard" software products demanding long-term adjustment, such as ERP and СRM systems
  • Web solutions for e-commerce business development
  • Conversion of an application's source code into other languages and platforms (for example conversion of VB.NET to C #)
  • Third-level support

The size of the projects our specialists are involved in and the fact that we are working with leading development in the USA, Canada, Germany, and Austria, are evidence that our company handles some very important and cutting-edge projects.

Yumasoft is a team of reliable professionals. We value our clients' time and closely monitor the quality of our software products as well as the overall workflow quality. For this reason, Yumasoft uses modern issue tracking systems and source control software that allow us to:

  • Keep the necessary records and maintain control over developed projects and work related to these projects.
  • Schedule, analyze and update workflow processes in a timely manner.
  • Automatically generate different types of reports for implemented projects.
  • Perform historical analyses and improve the company’s strategy.
  • Analyze all project risks, calculate costs for the client, and determine payment for the experts on different levels.
  • Automate technical support (e.g. the option of receiving automated error messages, notifications for client wishes and suggestions, the option of implementing some level of client control).
  • Automatically document project progress.
  • Organize source codes storage and maintain change logs.

Based on our extensive experience in managing such diverse tasks, we prefer to work according to the Time and Materials (T&M) model, according to which:

  • Our customers pay a certain amount of the cost for resources.
  • Our customers can manage their projects and participate in the team building process.
  • We provide our customers with all timing reports.
  • All prices are based on the assumed number of employees participating in a certain project as well as the number of hours and specific rates that apply to the project.
  • Payments are made every month or stage by stage.

We have chosen this model of cooperation because it is profitable to our clients as it leads to:

  • Lower overhead charges
  • Flexible control of the requirements
  • Transparent team building principles

Our clients around the world choose Yumasoft because of our experience in non-trivial problem solving and the number of large-scale projects we have successfully implemented. We provide our clients with reliable control over the project’s workflow and take all of our clients' interests into account.

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